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Recommendations for Good Books to Read

Recommendations for Good Books to Read

Reading is a significant part of your life. It makes you smarter, more informed, and happier. But what books should you read? And how can you make sure that they are good ones?

In order to live a long and happy life, you need to read good books. Reading good books is essential in your journey towards happiness.

If you are a senior citizen who has had an active life and still wants to enjoy your golden years, then reading is one of the best ways to keep yourself busy and also get prepared for the future.

A good book can provide you with a lot of benefits. You will learn about new things and get new ideas for your life. It will also help you in building relationships with other people around you and even improve your social life.

Reading good books is also a great way of relaxing and having fun. You can get absorbed into the story and forget all about your daily problems for a while so that you can relax after reading it carefully.

So when trying to decide which books are worthwhile for you or even for seniors, keep these books in mind:

  • Finding Me: A Memoir by Viola Davis
    It is a book about a young woman named Viola Davis and her life experiences. The story tells us about her childhood and where she grew up. She talks about her relationship with her family. She also describes how she became an actress and her journey into show business.

    In a sense, Finding Me is a love letter to oneself, a reflection, a promise. Viola hopes that her story will inspire you to express yourself creatively and rediscover who you are before being labeled by others.

    The book is available on Amazon (Paperback and Hard Cover)

  • Fairy Tale by Stephen King
    A lot of people think that fairy tales are just for children, but there are adults out there who still enjoy reading them. One of the most popular books by Stephen King is called “Fairy Tale”.
    This spellbinding novel tells the story of a seventeen-year-old boy who inherits the keys to a parallel world where good and evil are at war, and the stakes are higher than ever — in this world or the parallel one. The haunting story takes readers into the deepest wells of his imagination.
  • Prime of Life by P.D. Bekendam
    The book Prime of Life by P.D. Bekendam is about a man who tries to find meaning in life. This award-winning novel delivers an entertaining and satisfying read.

    With a little bit of freedom from the past, Ben wants a stress-free life. From a cardiothoracic surgeon, he decided to work as a janitor in a retirement home. Can he escape who he used to be -and everything he used to fear- that easily?

  • I’m Too Young To Be Seventy by Judith Viorst
    A heartwarming gift for anyone who has reached or is approaching the seventh decade, I’m Too Young to Be Seventy is a joy to read.

    The author explores the complexities of becoming a person from 70 to 79 years old or known as a septuagenarian with wry good humor. He is also the author of Forever Fifty and Suddenly Sixty.

  • The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway
    Old Man and the Sea is the epic story of an old, seasoned fisherman’s greatest catch. Santiago, a Cuban fisherman who hasn’t caught a fish for 84 days and returned empty-handed, is the story’s central character.

If you’re interested in trying one of the five books above, go ahead and choose a book that appeals to you. You won’t regret it!

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